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Reporting Clips

The holiday season can be a time for community and family gatherings. But for some, it can be a season of more complicated feelings, including increased loneliness and isolation.

Writing and production by me.

Tennessee was set to become the first state to ban drag performances in public spaces and anywhere in the presence of someone under 18 years old when its new law takes effect April 1. The PBS NewsHour spoke to drag performers in Tennessee about how this ban will impact them and their community.

Writing, interviewing and production by me.

Everyone should get the new COVID-19 booster, experts say, even if you have gotten previous vaccinations or come down with COVID-19 during the omicron wave in late 2021 and early 2022.

Co-reported and co-written by me.

Journalists at Charlotte's 136-year-old newspaper are unionizing as the Charlotte Observer News Guild. The announcement came via Twitter from @observerguild.

Reported by me.

Cities, towns and counties are passing emergency ordinances in an attempt to combat rising COVID-19 cases.

Reporting and database by me.

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake rocked Sparta, North Carolina Sunday, according to the United States Geological Survey. The quake was felt in several states including South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee.


Reported by me.

Bloomington residents can also use the Ureport system to report signs missing, which is a problem the street department deals with often.

Reporting, interviewing and graphic by me.

Thinking about dyeing your hair in quarantine? A Bloomington salon owner says to steer clear of store-bought box dyes.

Reported by me.

More details about the reopening are expected to be released at a briefing involving city, county and health officials on Friday.

Reporting by me.

Nearly 200 people gathered Monday night outside of the Monroe County Courthouse to peacefully protest.

Reported and live-tweeted by me.

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